The best Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta

August 28, 2015 jacky
Sambal platter at Lara Djonggrang. Photo Credit: Lara Djonggrang

With more than 17,000 islands spread out across the archipelago, it’s no wonder that the range of Indonesian cuisines is a diverse as the many spices that come from this wonderful country. From the spicy Manadonese, good old Padang flavours, and authentic Peranakan, let your taste buds journey through Indonesia with our picks for the best Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta. Selamat makan!

Restoran Beautika Manado

Caution: extremely spicy foods served here! This legendary Manadonese restaurant is tucked in the side right behind Senayan City. Try their Sate Cumi (squid satay), Ikan Kembung Pepes, Perkedel Jagung (corn fritters) and a Panada to take home after. But our absolute favourite? Their Pisang Goreng (banana fritters) with sambal. A delicious marriage of flavours.
Restoran Beautika Manado. Jln. Hang Lekir No. 1, Senayan, South Jakarta. +62 21 722 6683.

Rumah Makan Pagi Sore

If you call yourself a foodie then trying out Padang cuisine while living in Jakarta should definitely be high on your list. Imagine sitting down at the table and immediately being served an incredible feast made up of a medley of delicious dishes like Ayam Pop, Telor Balado, Rendang, Ayam Gulai, and so much more. Rumah Makan Pagi Sore is definitely one of our favourites and trust us when we say you need to make the trip there, stat!
Rumah Makan Pagi Sore. Jl. Cipete 2 No. 1, South Jakarta. +62 21 766 7000. Monday – Sunday: 7am to 10pm.


A modern twist on local flavours, Tesate showcases the richness of Indonesia’s culinary diversity. Go for the nasi oncom (crunchy rice), rujak pengantin (salad with spicy peanut sauce), sate blora (chicken skewers), and the tahu telor (tofu/egg with soy sauce). Finish off with chendol (jelly with brown sugar and coconut milk) or serabi Solo (pancakes from Solo).
Tesate. Jln. Sam Ratulangi No. 39, Menteng, Central Jakarta. +62 21 31931250.


Tucked away in the leafy neighborhood of Kebayoran Baru is this hidden gem, serving local Peranakan and Indonesian fare. Service is top notch and the food is delish! Our suggestions include sayur asem (sour vegetable soup), sate daging (beef skewers), and empal bakar (grilled beef with sweet and spicy sauce). For those who can stomach the hot stuff, order from their long list of sambals (chilli sauce) to add extra spice to your dish. For dessert, we go nuts over the es shanghai (shaved ice dessert with grass jelly and syrup) and anak dara (dutch pancakes).
Meradelima. Jl. Adityawarman No. 47, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. +62 21 7265112.

Kembang Goela

We love the colonial furniture and old photographs on the walls, but the food seals the deal. Make sure you order the dendeng balado (thinly sliced, deep fried beef with chilli sauce) and sosis oom Tantje (special 1 metre sausage). We also highly recommend the beef rendang (Indonesian beef curry), it just melts in your mouth!
Kembang Goela. Plaza Sentral, Parking Lot Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 47- 48. +62 21 5205651.

Lara Djonggrang

Lara Djonggrang is an exotic imperial Indonesian experience that should not be missed. Part of the Tugu Group’s repertoire, this unique restaurant serves authentic Indonesian food under an eclectic atmosphere. Lara Jonggrang is decorated with gorgeous antiques and a display of vintage Indonesian artifacts. A gorgeous spot, albeit a little bit spooky!
Lara Djonggrang. Jln. Teuku Cik Di Tiro 4, Central Jakarta. +62 21 315 3252.

Dapur Babah Elite

Another one from the Tugu Group is Dapur Babah Elite. This grand restaurant specializes in Babah Peranakan cuisine, popularized when the Chinese settlers arrived in Java during the colonial times. Try one of their Indonesia’s Cultural Dining experiences where you can book a Peranakan cooking class and learn all about Nyonya Oei’s family recipes, or even learn about the art of drinking tea in the Last Concubine High Tea.
Dapur Babah Elite. Jln. Veteran I / 18-19, Central Jakarta. +62 21 385 5653.

Seribu Rasa

Seribu Rasa (“One Thousand Flavours”) is nestled in between high-rise buildings and embassies. A little hard to find, so be sure to plan your journey there. When the sun sets, this restaurant is surprisingly relaxed, posh, and serene. Try the ayam goreng lengkuas (fried chicken), ikan goreng Jimbaran (fried fish) and for some extra heat, terong balado (eggplant with chilli sauce).
Seribu Rasa. Jln. Haji Agus Salim 128, Menteng, Central Jakarta. +62 21 3928892. 

Bunga Rampai

Located in a gorgeous old colonial house, Bunga Rampai also makes our list of top restaurants in Jakarta. With a stylish and elegant atmosphere, this is an Indonesian restaurant fit for a special occasion. We recommend their Ayam Bakar Seruni, Nasi Goreng Kampung Menteng, and Nasi Buketan.
Bunga Rampai. Jln. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 35, Menteng, Central Jakarta. +62 21 319 26225. 

Namaaz Dining

Last but not least, Namaaz Dining is the most original concept in Indonesian cuisine. The genius chef of this molecular gastronomic eatery calls its cuisine“fun dining,” and transforms local dishes like Opor Ayam and Rawon as disguised objects to amuse and satisfy all your senses. Its degustation only menu is 17 courses of unexpected delights. Add this to the list for date night dining spot!
Namaaz Dining. Jln. Gunawarman No. 42, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Online booking only.


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