Supper Club: 10 Late Night Dining Spots in Jakarta

November 5, 2015 jacky

Kwang Tung2

If you’re up at 2am in the morning (it’s so late, it’s early!) for whatever reason, chances are your stomach is growling. The kitchen doesn’t offer any reprieve because you’ve been too busy to stock up. Well, thank your lucky stars that Jakarta is truly a city that never sleeps. Check out these supper places that keep their doors open during odd hours around the clock. And if none of these fit your fancy? There’s always 14045 (McDonald’s) or 14046 (KFC) ready to dial 24/7.

Dim Sum Festival

This 24-hour outdoor dining spot is always buzzing after 2AM, when clubbers and night owls stumble for an empty seat for a late night pick-me-up. Cheap dimsum and Indonesian street food are on the menu, and we don’t actually know anyone who’s dined here when the sun is out…unless arriving at sunrise counts.
Dim Sum Festival. Jl. Kemang 1 No. 2, Jakarta.

Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur

Seriously, the best sop buntut (oxtail soup) in town! There’s nothing more soothing than a delicious hot bowl of sop buntut after a whole night of heavy drinking and dancing. A bowl is all you need to end your night perfectly, and we guarantee that you’ll sleep like a baby when you get home.
Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur. Jln. Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Jakarta.

Chasiu at Kaca Mata. Photo: Courtesy of @GoFoodIndonesia via Instagram

Chasiu at Kaca Mata. Photo: Courtesy of @GoFoodIndonesia via Instagram

Kaca Mata

Alcohol-induced cravings usually account for food that is cheap, savoury, and comforting. Kaca Mata in Dharmawangsa is a Chinese restaurant serving some of the best roast pork in town, and is one of the rare spots in South that even serves pork. We’ve actually made the trip over during more respectable hours, so we highly vouch for their taste. Try their Chasio Garing Madu (crispy honey pork) – you won’t regret it.
Kaca Mata. Grand Wijaya Center, Blok C No. 4, Jl. Wijaya 2, Dharmawangsa, Jakarta.

Aneka Bubur 786

Like any late night dining spots in Jakarta, you’ll find everything on the menu here from local Indonesian dishes to Indian cuisine. But it’s their extensive congee menu that keeps afterhours diners coming back every weekend. Forget the regular ol’ bubur ayam that you make at home – go all out and add sides like salted egg and quail eggs that will really hit the spot.
Aneka Bubur 786 Kemang. Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2, Kemang, Jakarta.
Aneka Bubur 786 Radio Dalam. Jl. Radio Dalam Ujung No. 123, Pondok Indah, Jakarta.

garuda2Image: Garuda Restaurant

Garuda Restaurant

Padang restaurants in Jakarta are a dime a dozen, but a Padang restaurant that’s open 24-hours? There’s probably only Garuda in Jalan Hayam Wuruk. As usual, you’ll be swamped with different Indonesian dishes – we suggest getting the beef rending, potato perkedel, plus a couple of other dishes that suit your taste buds, and lots of rice.
Garuda Restaurant, Jln. Hayam Wuruk No. 100, Jakarta Barat, p. +62 21 6262914.

Indo Gaya Rasa

Chowing down on greasy, yummy murtabak (heavy duty Middle Eastern pancake) in the wee hours is like flipping off your cardiologist and BFFs in yoga– which is what makes it so awesome. If the durian flavour is too much for you, go for the basic komplit sweet murtabak, which has chocolate, chopped nuts, sesame seeds, and grated cheddar.
Indo Gaya Rasa, 20A Jl. RS Fatmawati, p. +62 21 766 1354.

Oh La La Café!

If your late night craving is something light like a tuna croissant, make a beeline for Oh La La Café, located right at the heart of Thamrin. This nocturnal spot provides Italian and French dishes in a very chilled-out ambience. Have a cup of coffee if you’re trying to kill sleep; a scoop of ice cream if the sweet tooth in you is raring to go, or some chicken wings – just because (they’re yummy!).
Oh La La Café!, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 9, Central Jakarta, p. +62 21 3160316.

dimsuminc2Image: Dim Sum Inc.

Dim Sum Inc.

Cheating on your latest diet with a late-night meal? Non-greasy and steamed dim sum is probably the best option. Get them at Dim Sum Inc., where the bamboo baskets are kept steaming hot all night long with bite-sized treats like har gau (shrimp dumplings) nestled in them. No one can quite argue against anytime dim sum.
Dim Sum Inc.,
 Pasar Festival 
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta
, p. +21 21 526 3178

Kwang Tung

Believe it or not, people are queuing up at this old eatery even at 1am in the morning. Serving warm and tasty porridge – Cantonese style – Kwang Tung is your go-to place for something lightweight, yet filling, in the middle of the night. If you need extra oomph, opt for the crispy cakwe bread to accompany your delish chicken or shrimp congee.
Kwang TungJl. Pecenongan no. 67I, Jakarta Pusat, p. +62 21 3865688, e.


If all else fails, there’s always a 7Eleven around the corner. It’s the best stop for munchies like chips, sandwiches, icy cold Slurpees, and not to forget, hot dogs (a firm favorite among the youngsters) dripping mustard and cheese.
For locations of 7Eleven outlets, see here for more details.

Top image: Kwang Tung 


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