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February 17, 2015 christi
urban remedy indonesia

Our friends at Urban Remedy Indonesia are really into healthy lifestyles, but they also realise that your life is hectic. In addition to their no-hassle, super healthy juice detoxes, delivered straight to your door, Urban Remedy Indonesia is now taking orders online for individual juices so you can stay healthy all day everyday.

Urban Remedy Indonesia’s UrbanPlus+ line is an easy – and delicious – way to get vital vitamins and nutrients daily. Have them delivered and keep them on hand as a fresh and healthful meal replacement or midday pick-me-up. Think green juices equal gross and unsatisfying? Think again! Urban Remedy Indonesia’s tried and true combinations taste great and are great for you.

Choose from five juices:

  • Bright Eyes, which combines enough carrot, apple, and orange to fulfill your daily requirement of potassium and vitamin A with just one bottle.
  • Fat Flush, a high-fiber dream of grapes, green apple, cucumber, and the miracle veggie kale that also reduces the body’s cells ability to store fat
  • Skin Vitamins, a tasty tomato-orange-apple juice designed to help your skin look clear, vibrant, and glowing.
  • Morning Call, just the thing to get your day started right thanks to its sweet mix of apple, orange, kiwi, and pineapple.
  • Coconut water, made from 100 percent pure coconut juice and flesh – and that’s it, simple, natural, and healthy!

urban remedy indonesia

You can also order Urban Remedy Indonesia’s shots online too. They may be small but Urban Remedy Indonesia’s wheatgrass and flu shot (a potent combo of turmeric, ginger, apple, carrot, pear, celery, and lemon that fights bacterial and viral infections such as coughs and colds) are strong allies to have in Jakarta, especially during the rainy season.

And of course, you can order Urban Remedy Indonesia’s one-, three-, or five-day juice cleanse detox programs online too. Composed of only nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices and designed by a nutritionist, these detox cleanses are healthy, filling, and tasty. Wondering why cold-press beats out ordinary juices? Urban Remedy Indonesia breaks down the science here.

After you finish a cleanse, make sure you get the maximum benefits by transitioning out with one of Urban Remedy Indonesia’s maintenance programs. Ease back into your daily diet with a six pack of juices designed to continue the great work you did on the cleanse.

 This article was sponsored by Urban Remedy Indonesia


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