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February 8, 2015 christi
chronicle jakarta

Taking inspiration from daily newspapers, Chronicle wants to be there for you all day everyday. This cute eatery’s pedigree includes the upscale eatery Wilshire and highly regarded coffee house Common Grounds, so you know their signatures (great coffee, innovative cocktails, and tasty all-day dining) is going to be spot on! Not sure where to get started? We asked Hanna and Yoshi, the dynamic duo behind Chronicle, for their recommendations on how to make Chronicle your daily go-to.

What would you recommend for …


a Sunday brunch with mom?

The Sorbet Mimosa and the Chronicle Benedict. Think of the classic champagne cocktail with a cool twist and a tasty brunch standard. We also recommend bringing a sibling so that you can shift the focus when big “Why are you still single?” conversation comes up!

chronicle wijaya

waiting out the end-of-the-day macet?

The Bakmi Ayam Truffle with a Chronicle Sour cocktail, it will take the edge off of the road rage.

catching up with old friends from school?

Definitely the Espresso Martini. It’s the perfect combination of coffee and tequila, which also happens to be the key to marathon gossip sessions.

a date night?

The Wildflower cocktail. It’s a girly and elegant drink with vodka, elderflower liqueur – and a real edible flower in your drink! It will definitely set a romantic mood.

chronicle dharmawangsa lobster roll

pre-gaming before a big night out?

You’re already on the southside of town, which is filled with tonnes of great places for a night out so start off on the right foot with our Whiskey Experience: a trio of whiskey-based drinks.

a mid-day caffeine fix?

A Macchiato and a slice of freshly baked cake will get you back in the game. Or opt for an Irish Coffee, if it’s that kind of day.

when you want to try something completely out of the box?

Go with the Chicken Marengo, with our take on a classic French dish that combines chicken, shrimp, and toast.

treating yourself?

Treat yo’ self to a Lobster Roll and Gold Rush cocktail, it’s got cognac and champagne. If you’re going to treat yourself, do it right!

when you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm?

The Belitung Noodles, it’s where traditional meets modern. Then end the meal with our Alcoholic Affogato, it’s like eating gelato in Italy during winter. Refreshing!

chronicle jakarta

a craving for comfort food?

Go with the Fish & Chips Burger, it will melt in your mouth, and a C&C cocktail. Think coffee, beer, and bourbon joined together at last – a definite comfort.

when you want to try the most popular dishes on the menu?

Hands down, people love the Buttermilk Chicken Burger!

us when we’re looking for a chef’s recommendation?

The Pan-Seared Dory With Lemon Butter Sauce. The fish is marinated in white wine, cooked to perfection then served with homemade lemon butter.


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