Review: The Butchers Club

February 3, 2015 Shairah Thoufeekh
Butchers Club Hong Kong | Bali Seminyak

Well, apparently, the guys from the uber successful Hong Kong chain The Butchers Club do know a couple of tricks where burgers are concerned. 

A decent juicy burger is not exactly something Bali has never conquered: with the vast array of Aussie restaurants, we’ve had some memorable ones. We’ve also seen wagyu beef patties, buns covered with flakes of gold, and lettuce replaced with foie gras – is there anything left that can raise our brow?

Yes there is. And here’s how it goes.

At The Butchers Club, the meat is minced in a huge stainless steel grinder right in front of the customers. This leaves you warm in the knowledge your burger has never met a deep freezer. And it actually hasn’t: all the prime cut Australian meat used here has been dry-aged. It makes the patty less fatty, but still nice and moist.

The bun is not your ordinary sponge sprinkled with sesame either – it’s specially designed by our favourite local boutique bakery, Monsieur Spoon. It’s bouncy but firm enough to hold the chunky piece of meat, and stay intact despite the abundant juice. With the ingredients of such extraordinary quality there is no need to improvise and that’s why there is only one burger on the menu – The Burger.

Like it a little more fancy? Check the Secret Menu! The Wu Tang Style burger is our absolute favourite, with a layer of kimchi, the patty fried in Sriracha sauce and sweet potato tempura for that delicate crunch. And the Double Pleasure burger got its nickname ‘The one from Instagram’ for a reason – order only if you are up for the challenge!

The Butchers Club, Intersection of Jalan Petitenget and Jalan Cendrawashi, Seminyak, p. 03618974004. Open 11am-11pm daily.


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