10 Must-Visit Spots in Pasar Santa Right Now

January 28, 2015 christi
pasar santa

There is no stopping Pasar Santa! It seems that every weekend there are a slew of new restaurants and shops peddling their wares at this functioning traditional pasar. If you haven’t been in a while, like oh say, a month, it’s time to make the trip but it can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up our top 10 spots at the moment to help you get started:

DOG (Food Court Area, No. 57)

DOG (pronounced Di-Yo-Ji and an acronym for Dudes of Gourmet) needs no introduction, just find the unbelievably long line in the Food Court area. The reason why? Foodies, hipsters, just about everybody is going gaga over DOG’s black sesame bun. But it’s not all style and no substance, DOG’s homemade cheese sauce has everyone licking their lips too. DOG serves it up from Wednesday to Sunday.

DOG black hot dog Pasar Santa
Photo by Maria Karina

Santa’s Basement (Lower level)

The renewal started on the first floor but it’s spreading throughout the market. For something different, head downstairs to the fresh produce portion of the pasar also known as the basement. You’ll find more food vendors and toys for big kids.

Jang Manies (First Floor, No. 11-12)

Their tagline is “The sweetest dessert and the coolest drinks in Pasar Santa” and that’s no joke. When you need a break from the steamy environs, why not dig into one of Jan Manies’s delicious panna cottas, creme brules, miaw coconut ices or quench that thirst with a Monaco, a refreshing nonalcoholic mojita.

Sepotong Kue (First Floor, No. 119)

Sweet tooth not satisified? No problem, Pasar Santa has no shortage of sweets! Another sweet spot we love is Sepotong Kue, which serves up homemade choux and other pastries, plus ice cream. Can pick between these little bites? We’re always suckers for the apple pie with choco jaffa ice cream and Nutella!

a bit odd vintage
A Bit Odd

A Bit Odd (First Floor, Lot BKS No. 177)

If you are a fan of quirky vintage or classic items, then A Bit Odd is worth to visit. It’s better curated than most of the other vintage clothing stores and has an eye-catching array of curios for your home or gifts for your friends.

Mie Chino (First Floor, next to POST)

Our favourite noodle magicians, Mie Chino, are going stronger than ever. Their take on the humble mie ayam is inspiring (hand-pulled noodles, anyone?) yet still retains the dish’s soul. Plus, no matter how busy they are, everyone is super nice!

laidback blues vinyl jakarta
Laidback Blues Record Store

Laidback Blues Record Store (First Floor, Across from ABCD Coffee)

Don’t let this store’s size fool you, Laidback Blues Record Store has one of the best collections of used records in town. They really excel at indie rock and ‘80s stuff, so if that’s your jam, get digging!

Slam Dunk Sandwich Co. (First Floor, No.1)

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! Slam Dunk Sandwich Co. has just opened and only serves tasty, tasty vegan sandwiches. Even meat eaters can enjoy these enak creations. You won’t feel like you’re missing anything when you chow down on one of their tempeh reubens or tofu banh mis.

tokio fuku japanese shirts jakarta
Tokio Fuku

Tokio Fuku (First Floor, No. B52)

This small T-shirt shop might be a one-trick pony, but what a good trick it is! Tokio Fuku takes some iconic pop culture imagery (think Ghostbusters and Sonic Youth) and Japanese them up! The result is cool on cooler and the perfect place to pick up a gift for that hipster guy in your life.

Shoe Bible (First Floor, No. 108)

We all know that living in Jakarta, especially during the rainy season, can be hard – nearly hellish – on your shoes. Shoe Bible knows that too and have come to our rescue with their “Swasher” shoe solution. This advanced concoction will repair and revive your kicks even after banjir. Check them out and see what they can do for you.


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