Up All Night With Potato Head’s Dipha Barus and Merdi Simanjuntak

December 2, 2014 christi
potato head garage jakarta

When the sun sets, Jakarta’s cool and hip flock to the SCBD to enjoy some of the best tunes, drinks, and cocktails at Potato Head Garage. The cavernous member of the PTT family has established itself as the place to be thanks to uber popular – and uber fun – events like Peaches & Cream and Press Play. The Garage has just added to their reputation with Friday night’s Sing It Back. We caught up with music director Dipha Barus and event director Merdi Simanjuntak to find out what this new night has to offer, how to make the most of your night out at the Garage, and their tips on morning-after recovery.

Potato Head Garage has become one of the hottest places in town when the sun goes down. What’s your secret?

M: There’s no secret to Potato Head Garage’s success, really! It’s all about making sure that people have a great time partying at Garage so we always aim to create the type of our phenomenal events that have yet to be presented in the industry (like De La Soul’s first performance in Jakarta on the 19th December). It’s about the vision that our directors have for the events and of course, the stunning interiors of the venue play their part, too.

D: Because it’s tough work to create and execute an event, it’s also about the strong relationships that we have in the PTT Family. To put it simply, it’s all about teamwork. We are a great team, a tight-knit group. Adding innovative concepts to our mix is how we do things around here.

Merdi Simanjuntak dipha barus

Why are we going to go gaga over Sing It Back?

D: Simply put it’s an event where our partygoers can sing along and dance to their favourite tunes from the ’80s and ’90s. Parties are not just about dancing and drinking though, it’s about the company you’re with, it’s about the songs, it’s about the rhythm and the flow of how the songs are being mixed.

M: If you combine singing and dancing, it’s a form of therapy, in our opinion. It can be seen as a form of relaxing. Sing It Back aims to bring this vibe, which is a new idea compared to Press Play and Peaches & Cream.

garage potato head chandelier

Potato Head Garage is a huge space and can get really packed. Any advice on how to make the most of our visit to PHG?

D: Our patrons are a very loyal crowd so we know it can get super busy, we are always working to make the experience better for our guests though, so each event is smoother and better organised. Of course, it’s best if guests can come early during our events so they can mark their preferred dance spots for the rest of the night.

M: And of course, by booking their tables beforehand! We have different types of tables to ensure our guests experience the best of the best. Booking in advance will definitely promise a good night ahead.

Dipha, what are some DJ pet peeves?

D: When people insist that I play the songs that they want. It’s not that I don’t want to do so, but sometimes the songs that they pick do not suit the vibe or the range of songs I’ve prepared to play for the night. It’ll kill the vibe instantly, and we do want to avoid that at all cost! I think every DJ in the world will probably answer that question the same way. Oh, and people assuming all we do is party crazily and have a good time, it’s a real job and hard work!

potato head garage jakarta

What are some cardinal sins when it comes to a big night out?

M: Well, of course drinking too much, we want you to have a good time but don’t overdo it – Garage’s drinks are strong!

D: Don’t go out on an empty stomach and don’t worry about how you look all evening, show up looking amazing and then relax and dance!

As professional party people, what are your tips for recovery the next day?

D: I’m sure this is what your parents might have reminded you repeatedly – drink lots of water before, during, and after your night out!

M: I stick to drinking milk to dilute the toxins in my system. It really does help.


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