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The perfectly controlled flame on the adjustable grill at Mejekawi, and below left, Benjamin Cross working the grill.

The perfectly controlled flame on the adjustable grill at Mejekawi

Kudeta Executive chef, Benjamin Cross has been experimenting with the wood-fired grill at Mejekawi restaurant, and is loving the results.

The grill, which is adjustable to the flame on a pulley system, being risen and lowered depending on how much heat is required, was imported from American producers, Grillworks and has been used for multiple purposes and multiple dishes since arriving.

According to Ben, grilling over charcoal is the best method of cooking, for the flavor and texture, and nearly every top restaurant in the world has some kind of wood fired appliance in their kitchens these days.


Mejekawi, being one of the island’s top restaurants is no different. Ben adds, “It doesn’t matter how expensive your ovens or cook tops are, you can never fully replicate or match the flavor you get from cooking over charcoal.” So what kind of dishes are they cooking up the grill? “Well, there’s a bunch of them. Duck, beef, octopus, clams, prawns, toasting bread, squid and more,” and Ben adds that the octopus for him is the best dish coming off the grill at present. They are utilising the grill for many of the dishes on the set menus at Mejekawi but also another favorite is a rolled pork belly cooked on the rotisserie sometimes for events.


Coffee wood and coffee wood charcoal is used to fire up the grill as it has a consistent flame and heat, but according the chef the flavor is not changed much by what wood is used on the grill, not like hot or cold smoking of meats etc.

Looks like the coffee plantations in the hills of Bali are being put to good use for more reasons than one. Try the set course menus at Mejekawi soon to prove it for yourself.


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