Top 5 Michelin Star Cheap Eats in Hong Kong!

June 14, 2017 EatineraryID

Arguably known as the food capital of Asia, we traveled to Hong Kong a while ago fully equipped with a long list of local and unique cuisines to try out. Navigating ourselves through the alleyways of Causeway Bay and steep streets of Central, we came to a realization that Hong Kong is definitely home to many Michelin star awarded cheap eats. For those of you who are new to the culinary world, being awarded with a Michelin (yes, the same Michelin company that sells tires) star is like the holy grail of all chefs and restaurants around the world. To put it simply, the Michelin guide is rather equal to the Oscars but for food. Take a look at our verdict after the jump.

1.     Mak’s Noodle

Wonton and Dumpling Noodle in Soup (HKD $48)

Tossed Noodle with Wonton Dumpling in Oyster Sauce

Kailan with Oyster Sauce (HKD $26)
We’ve heard so much hype about these wonton noodles but we’ve got to say that we weren’t mindblown. Perhaps because we aren’t the biggest fans of egg noodles. However, we can easily admit that the dumplings and wontons were absolutely sensational. Thin layer of skin, juicy prawn fillings… just yum. We could devour just a whole bowl of them. 

Address: 37 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Phone: +85228930006

Opening Hours: Everyday 10am – 11pm

2. Joy Hing's Roasted Meat

BBQ Pork on Rice (HKD $26)

Three Treasure Rice (HKD $36)

We stumbled upon this restaurant while walking around the area of Causeway Bay. There was a short queue outside during dinner time, but don’t fret. The line moved up pretty quickly. The Charsiu was thick, tender and had the right balance of sweet and saltiness. If you are a pork lover, this would be your go to dish. The Three Treasure Rice though is a winner. It came with three types of meat (i.e. roast goose, charsiu, steamed chicken) with a dollop of this utterly delicious spring onion concoction.

Address: Chong Hing Building, G/F

265-267 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

Phone: +85225196639

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am – 10pm

Closed on Sunday

3.  Yat Lok Restaurant

Roast Goose on Rice (HKD $42)
The one-star Michelin restaurant that specializes in roast goose! The roast goose here are to die for. However, order either the half or whole goose to truly enjoy this delicacy so best if you visit with someone else. Although the meat were flavourful, my favourite part of the dish would have to be skin. They were slightly crispy but also coated with a thin layer of fat and had the right balance of saltiness. It’s like heaven in your mouth.

Address: Conwell House, G/F

34-38 Stanley Road, Central

Phone: +85225243882

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 5.30pm

4. Kau Kee Restaurant

Beef Tendons with E-fu Noodle in Curry (HKD $46)

Beef Brisket with Rice Noodles in Broth (HKD $42)

I think nothing can testify the greatness of the beef brisket/tendon noodles in this place aside from the fact that we came back a second time. We’ve had numerous versions of beef noodles and this singlehandedly trumps all. They were so delicious that we saw a few people on our table having seconds. There is nothing that we could criticize on the beef. They fell apart and melted in your mouth with every bite. The rice noodles reminded of the ones you have in pho. But they had a variety of noodles (i.e. e-fu, flat noodles) that you can select from. The beef broth had subtle flavours that complimented the briskets while the curry was rich enough but still heroed the tendons instead of overpowering them. If we could lick the bowl clean without embarrassing ourselves, we would.

Address: 21 Gough Street, Central

Phone: +85228505967

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 12.30pm – 10.30pm

Closed on Sunday

5.     Tim Ho Wan

Photo courtesy of Qraved/Tim Ho Wan

Known as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, Tim Ho Wan is no longer a luxury to Hong Kong only as it has expanded its empire around Southeast Asia and even in Australia. However, I still think the original beats all their foreign branches. I’ve tried the one in Jakarta and I wasn’t a fan. The Baked BBQ Pork bun in Hong Kong is unbelievably good that I’d say that you don’t really need to order anything else on the menu.

Address: Shop 72, G/F (the original one which was previously in Mongkok)

18 Hoi Ting Road, Olympian City

Phone: +85223322896

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am – 9.30pm


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