HäagenDazs Indonesia HäagenDazs Indonesia @HaagenDazsID

Happy Monday Haagen Dazs lovers🍨 bring your family & friends to enjoy the monday promo #haagendazsid https://t.co/VFgTIRN0Th

9:52 PM - 12 Mar 17
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KFC Jagonya Ayam!
KFC Jagonya Ayam!

Nikmati Combo Winger, Extra Big with 3X Crunhh https://t.co/Tmg3RPahfs

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Kyochon Indonesia
Kyochon Indonesia

We are turning 26th today! Thank you for always supporting us, Kyochon Lovers! 🎂🎉 https://t.co/TYKqWbxp84


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