Adam’s Respite: Eve Restaurant at The Hansar Bangkok

November 18, 2014 frvtravel


With Eve Restaurant Hansar have produced one of the most stylish and romantic eateries in the city. By Thomas Jones

The naming of Eve after the first woman (regardless of your own personal creationist or evolutionist beliefs) goes hand in hand with the soft and sultry design of the restaurant – one that according to the designers, directly reflects how a woman would want to be treated. The result is a private and romantic space characterised by three dining rooms with sexy mood lighting, over-sized furnishings in noble maroons, beiges and browns, banquettes, and a massive gold leaf ‘mobile’ installation suspended from the ceiling. The tables are set exquisitely and the dishes are listed on leather menus and high-quality gold-coloured embossed paper that come together to say ‘elegance and sophistication’.

Iron rails with wooden spools resembling an abacus separate the dining room from the passageway between it and the kitchen, but the most impressive feature has to be the gold leaf ‘chandelier’ suspended from the ceiling. It has no lights of its own but both the ambient downwelling and upwelling light reflect all around the restaurant and especially in the polished brass collar from which it hangs. Consisting of hundreds of suspended sheaves of yellow metal, they create a marvel of optical illusion and are a marvellous conversation piece as they hang in the air.

Taking responsibility for the heat of the kitchen is Executive Chef Chatree Wongsriphaisan, a man who has spent his entire career in the hotspots of Bangkok’s five star hotels before joining Hansar. Thus he knows what Bangkok people want and he makes sure that his open-sided kitchen delivers. The wait staff are all male, dapperly dressed in suits and ties and ready to rush to a table at a moment’s notice. It’s no surprise really considering that Eve is all about the ladies.

Hansar-006-copy-copyChef Chatree at work in his domain, creating such delicacies

Dessert time comes in a hand-crafted wooden box that looks like it may contain all the perfumes of Arabia.

The kitchen produces mainly traditional fare with a French-Mediterranean twists focussing on meats and seafood, and the quality is second to none with the best cuts and produce being flown in from their respective places of perfection to find their way to the plate. Japanese Ohmi beef, Sicilian cheery tomatoes, French foie gras and truffles, Tasmanian salmon, Scottish sea trout, and, of course, Australian lamb – only the best will do.

Dessert time comes in a hand-crafted wooden box that looks like it may contain all the perfumes of Arabia. With a gold embossed ‘Eve’ on top opening it is like a mystery. Could it be jewellery, could it be gold? Ahh, it’s infinitely better: it’s the dessert menu printed on gold paper. Something infinitely more valuable than a box of diamonds when you have finished a delicious meal and are in the need for something sweet.

It is the sum of these collective parts; the décor, the service, the sexy lighting and the food that have created Eve’s renown within Bangkok society as a place to have privacy, attention and incredible and innovative cuisine – there’s no better place to bring your significant other to make an impression, or an (in)decent proposal.

Hansar Bangkok

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