4 Chefs & a Feast

November 18, 2014 frvtravel

An inaugural celebration of Bali’s fine-dining scene. Photos: Sulthon and David Burden

The Bali food scene has been evolving organically over many years and what we see and enjoy now is the fruit of the labour from the chefs and restaurateurs that came to the island with their dreams and aspirations over the past twenty years or more. In a celebration of those pioneers, their restaurants and the Bali fine-dining scene, an evening of fine food and wine was organised by the general manager of Mozaic, Nicola Scaramuzzino, at the Mozaic Beach Club on Batubelig Beach. There were also many other people behind the scenes putting their time and energy into this event, and just like the chefs involved, they were all doing it for the love of the good food and times that we are so privileged to have here on the island of Bali.

Eloquently directed by Caroline Zachrie on the microphone, the evening began with an entree prepared by Metis’ Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville, a seared poached foie gras, chicken dashi broth, white shimeji mushrooms, red radish and fresh seaweed. After a short video introduction by each chef, cameras caught the plating action live as the dishes were served from the kitchen, which were beamed up onto a large screen for all to see. Just getting the dishes out to the over 120 people attending the dinner was a feat in itself.

chefs2The chefs in action during the preparation of the dinner, and guests enjoying the food and evening at Mozaic Beach Club.

Sarong’s Will Meyrick prepared a southern Goan curry with barramundi, mustard seeds, sambar powder, coconut milk and curry leaves. Phil Davenport from KU DE TA was next with the main dish of slow cooked lamb shoulder with urab salad, smoked potato mash, rendang jus and tendon crisp. And the dessert was presented by Mozaic’s very own Chris Salans; a delicate lemon basil mousse, turmeric sorbet and fresh pomegranate. All dishes were paired with wines also chosen by the chefs and their respective restaurants’ sommeliers.

An Indonesian/Asian theme was chosen for the menu and as chef Will Meyrick pointed out after the dinner, the four chefs were all honoured to be part of the cooking scene of this great country and felt humbled by the welcome they have received from Indonesian people while living and working here. I am sure that the people of Indonesia and all attending this gala dinner are also very happy to have them here and the entire food scene they helped to nurture along with them. The dinner was a great success and not just for the food and wine served, but also the honouring and celebration of the envious food scene we have in Bali. [David Trauts]


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