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November 8, 2014 christi
potato head jakarta

For the month of October, get a taste of the deep South at Potato Head. Up in Smoke Barbeque is serving up savoury and robust pork, chicken and beef dishes, accompanied by flavourful sides and starters, all washed down with cocktail creations made especially for this culinary occasion.

Not sure where to start? The Up in Smoke chicken noodle soup tastes of the comforts of home but with a tasty twist – a deep smoky flavour, thanks to the barrel-smoked chicken.

When it comes to special mains, all three are winners, and it really depends on what you’re in the mood for. The smoked chicken boasts a super authentic – and delicious – spice rub and comes with a tangy Alabama-style barbeque sauce on the side. That sauce plays a big role in the pulled pork sandwich, a favourite of any barbeque joint in the great state of Texas. The Up in Smoke chefs do the sammie justice with their tender pulled pork, refreshing coleslaw, and sweet and subtle sauce. Speaking of tender, the last special main is the beef brisket, which is slow-cooked for 14 hours before it reaches your table!

potato head jakarta


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