The FCTRY is Producing Delicious Food

November 8, 2014 gabriela bhaskar
the fctry

Our lives are busy and with all the hustling and bustling, it’s easy to get stick to your own neighbourhood and not venture out. We get it, between work, and traffic, who has the time? Let us inspire you to start exploring a little more with gems like The FCTRY Bistro and Bar in West Jakarta’s Puri Indah.

Self-taught chef Andry, his sister Karina, and their business partner Adrian opened The FCTRY in May with the hope of providing home-cooked comfort food for people too busy to make the dishes at home. After working on his French techniques and gaining a bit of inspiration from Japanese food, Andry and The FCTRY will have you wondering how fish and chips, or a simple side of mashed potatoes can taste so good!

the fctry

In addition to a great lunch and dinner selection, including the afore mentioned famously crunchy fish and chips, the ever-popular ox tongue, The FCTRY also serves brunch from Monday through Sunday 9am until 2pm. The brunch menu features fluffy American-style pancakes and an amazing steak topped with a creamy mushroom sauce and hashbrowns that you will not be disappointed with.

It’s an unlikely combination of gastronomy and home-cooked comfort but Andry explained his juxtaposition combinations are natural and fitting. For example, instead of preparing a simple teriyaki sauce, he’s developed a soy-ginger demi-glace. He also explained that the humble French fries takes several steps at The FCTRY.

jakarta retaurant fctry

At the end of the day, Andry said he hopes to present food to his customers that is natural and made with great ingredients, even if it means importing quality materials from time to time.

We highly recommend you strap on your boots, or just hop into a taxi and get over to The FCTRY as soon as possible! If you’re already in West Jakarta, well, you really have no excuse!

The FCTRY Bistro and Bar, St. Moritz Mall, Puri Indah. p: 62-21/2911-1038. Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-12am. 


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