Trick or Treat, But Mostly Treats

November 8, 2014 christi
easy halloween treats

‘Tis the season for individually wrapped, bite-sized candies, but if you want to mix it up, these easy-peasy treats can be whipped up in your kitchen in no time! Here are some of our favourite treats for Halloween:

halloween pumpkin cake

Peekaboo pumpkin cake

All you need some food colouring and a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter and you are all set for a Halloween surprise with this peekaboo cake.

easy halloween treats

Frozen “boo”-nanas pops

Sneak in a serving of healthy bananas into the Halloween sugar binge with these cute, cool, and tasty pops.

black toffee apples
Simply Delicious by Alida Ryder

Poison toffee apples

These sweet treats prove that black is the new black. If your family loved Maleficent, they’ll get a kick out of these candy apples – with a dark twist.

crispy candy corn treat
Romulo Vanes/Martha Stewart

Crisp candy-corn treats

We haven’t found candy corn anywhere in Jakarta so that’s why we had to make our own. But with a little help from our friend Martha Stewart, we’ve combined the tri-colour candy with another one of our favourite treats!

spiderweb cheesecake martha stewart
Martha Stewart

No-bake spiderweb cheesecake

Martha also has another easy Halloween recipe, a no-bake cheesecake. All of the ingredients can be found in local grocery stores and all you have to do for decorations is add a couple of fake spiders.

bat oreo pops
The Idea Room

Bat Oreo pops

What’s better than Oreos? Oreos dipped in chocolate! These cute pops are easy to make and are sure to please a trick-or-treating crowd.


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