New Dining Spot: Food Fighters Melawai

September 30, 2015 Thalia Yanuar

Photo: Food Fighters Melawai

Move over Pasar Santa – there’s a new food centre in town! Forget waiting around for another weekend of pop-up markets for your favourite food truck to show up, these fast-track culinary concepts have made roots in the newly opened Food Fighters just right next to Fave Hotel Melawai. Featuring local hawker favourites like ABCD Coffee and Mie Chino, Food Fighters conveniently brings all the best street stalls under one roof. Here are our top picks – just make sure to visit on an empty stomach!

Food Fighters Melawai. Blok M Square, Jl. Melawai IV No. 7, Next to Favehotel Melawai Jakarta. Open everyday from 10AM to 10PM.  

Kopi Pasar

As the ultimate coffee collaboration between two coffee giants, Bear & Coffee and ABCD Coffee, Kopi Pasar is your answer to getting your caffeine fix in the neighbourhood. Bear & Coffee provides patrons with refreshing cold drips, while the famous ABCD Coffee is in charge of expertly brewed hot cups of coffee. We started our food journey at Food Fighters with an order of java at this front stall and moved along from there.
Instagram: @kopipasar

Judas Kitchen

Their Rose-infused coconut water is one of our favourite thirst-quenchers (we have a few bottles sitting in our fridge), and we love their selection of healthy cold-pressed juices. But that doesn’t mean that Judas Kitchen doesn’t have a few more tricks up their sleeves. Definitely check out their Mushroom Burger – a huge grilled Portobello mushroom perfectly seasoned with herbs, a sunny side up egg, with a touch of feta cheese served on a brioche bun. Now THAT’s a burger.
Instagram: @judaskitchen

The Kopi Pasar kiosk. Photo: Kopi Pasar
Cold brew by Bear & Coffee, and hot coffee by ABCD Coffee. Photo: Kopi Pasar
Portobello Mushroom Burger. Photo: Judas Kitchen
Sweet waffle. Photo: Zucker Waffle
Mie Chino noodle boxes. Photo: Mie Chino
Kantin SD cart. Photo: Kantin SD

Sloppy Bro

We might be health nuts over here, but sometimes we get nostalgic for the comfort foods of our childhood. So clearly we were delighted to find out that Food Fighters had a counter serving “Bad Ass Sloppy Joes.” (Anyone remember that food fight scene in “It Takes Two”? Fitting, right?) Sloppy Bro does indeed serve bad ass Sloppy Joes. The Classic is definitely a winner, but if you’re hankering for something a little bit more epicurean, you can also their delicious Texas Barbecue Sandwich made with Texas-style BBQ brisket, caramelised onion, and of course, a “special” sauce.
Instagram: @sloppybro

Zucker Waffle

Zucker Waffle takes the Southern chicken and waffle trend to a whole ‘nother level! We’re quite particular to their sweet bites, but if you’re the adventurous kind of foodie, their savoury menu items range from your standard Fried Chicken and Waffles to Sirloin Steak Waffle Burgers topped with a fried egg and served with fries. Imagine a burger with the buns substituted for waffles instead.
Instagram: @zuckerwaffle

Mie Chino

As one of Pasar Santa’s most popular kiosks, it comes as no surprise that Mie Chino’s Food Fighters post has become a huge hit as well. Their famous mie karet, or chicken noodle with mushrooms and meatballs, has a very distinct thick and chewy texture that is so addicting and so much better than any regular old bakmi. We also adore the cute packaging that reminds us of Chinese take-out boxes in the US!
Instagram: @mie.chino

Kantin SD

This little cart cleverly named Kantin SD, which literally translates to elementary school cafeteria, serves up one of our favourite childhood snacks: kue cubit, tiny little pancakes reminiscent of the Dutch poffertjes. Traditionally, this sweet dessert is served plain with a sprinkle of chocolate Meises, however, Kantin SD mixes it up with base flavourings of red velvet, matcha green tea, and chocolate, topped off with sprinkles, cake sprinkles, crushed up Oreos and more. Needless to say, one order is just not enough.
Instagram: @kantinsd


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