Smitten Kittens at Jakarta’s Cat Cafes

September 22, 2015 Thalia Yanuar
Photo credit: The Cat Cabin

They may be called cat cafes, but let’s face it, you’re certainly not there for the food! The popular cat cafe phenomenon finally hit our shores early this year, thrilling the entire feline loving community in Jakarta. Wishful cat owners and cat fans now have a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while playing with these fluffy furballs. After all, what better way to chill out and de-stress while stroking a purring kitty? Take your buddies or even your kids for a fun, family-friendly outing.

Pssttt… If pups are more your thing, why not check out these dog-friendly spots instead?

Cutie Cats Cafe

The roster of cats and kittens at Cutie Cats Café are friendly, and love cuddling up to visitors. Sitting in the playroom are the beautifully fluffy Kenji, the cute and cuddly Usagi, the handsomely exotic Argo, and the rest of cat clan, just ready for a day of worshipping. Petting and playing time is an hour, and afterwards you can grab a coffee and munch on a cat-themed snack right outside. If you don’t fancy making your way into Kemang, Cutie Cats have regular pop-ups concepts, so we suggest following their Instagram to find out where their traveling booth is headed next! 
Cutie Cats Cafe. Jl. Kemang 1 No. 12F, South Jakarta. +62 81 1100 4560. @cutiecatscafe.

The Cat Cabin

What we love and commend about the Cat Cabin is that most of the cats here have been rescued or adopted from animal shelters or from owners who are not able to care for them anymore, providing a safe haven for these feline friends. The Cat Cabin is indeed a sanctuary for both cats and cat-lovers alike – with cozy living room interiors for visitors and animals to laze about in, it’s easy to get lost in cat world and spend a few hours here. If stroking these happy little furballs starts wearing you out, the Cat Cabin serves refreshments and a mean don buri. Just guard your food and make sure the kittens don’t swipe a bite!
The Cat Cabin. Jl. Kemang Raya 31, 2nd floor, South Jakarta. +62 7179 5243. @thecatcabinjakarta.


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