Dreamy Mansion Turned Restaurant: Chateau Blanc

July 12, 2015 Ellyna Tjohnardi
If there's a dreamy place in Jakarta where tear-jerking, romantic wedding proposals and Marie Antoinette-ish tea party happens, this would be the place...

From the outside, you would not notice it's a restaurant, unless you already know, of see the rather inconspicuous sign outside. It's a mansion, nestled at the quieter end of Senopati raya, currently the hottest and continuously evolving stretch of mid to high end dining in Jakarta. This white lavish mansion, would often have sports cars parked outside and thus, might look rather intimidating to come for impromptu dinner (it's only open for dinner, lunch is reserved for private functions). So, I suggest you take a good look at this post, then decide which special occasion you would like to celebrate at Chateau Blanc.

Chateau Blanc, in French, means a white mansion. The name is a direct reference to the white mansion, which has been turned into an exclusive dining venue. As can be expected from a mansion, you can expect the interior to be lavish and elaborately decorated, a black grand piano in one corner, chandelier in the rooms, a swimming pool, etc.

Chateau belongs to the same owner of Mount Scopus Group, which also owns other successful brands in the local F&B industry, such as the omnipresent The Harvest PatisserieAmber Chocolate BarNegev Art Gallery & Bar and Balboni Ristorante (you can click on the names to visit the detailed blog posts). Whoever knows, what concept will be created next?

Left: one of the private rooms

As a dinner only restaurant, reservation is recommended, especially if you're eyeing a specific spot in the restaurant, such as the poolside or the private room.

So, what sort of menu, does this place attempt to serve the guests with? Firstly, you can expect the prices to be well above average restaurants in Senopati, because this after all, a fine dining restaurant. Dishes on the menu range anything from IDR 165,000 (for a soup) up to a whopping IDR 2,500,000 for a Cotes de Boeuf (2-3 persons sharing portion). The main course range from IDR 400,000 - 500,000.

Yes, I know you're probably screaming in disbelief or perhaps even wonder if it's worth the price tag? But if you are smart foodie, a Degustation Menu is available for you. I believe it's a smart choice for diners who would like to sample as many dishes with a much more reasonable price. Chateau Blanc offers 5 Course Chateau Blanc Menu for IDR 665,000++ or 7 Course Chef's Inspiration Menu, each available with Wine Pairing Options IDR 965,000++. 

So, with our fancy schmancy peach satin napkin unraveled and nicely tucked on our laps, the fancy feast begun, with a set of high tea first...

High Tea (Rp350.000++) include savoury and sweet treats and warm beverage. As can be expected from the elaborate interior, the dishes are garnished and arranged aesthetically. 

Saffron for high tea? Now that's lavish!

After munching like on the pretty petite bites, next in like was Chef's Inspiration 7 Course Menu, prepared by the Corporate Chef of Mount Scopus Group himself, Ivan Tarrago. 

Right: amuse bouche - Truffle Choquettes 

Seared farm sea bass with parmesan emulsion and basil sauce

50°C sous vide Tasmanian salmon trout with curry infused beurre blanc sauce

French duck with carrot purée and Indonesian aromatic herb sauce

Wagyu short ribs with Jerusalem artichoke purée and coffee infused demi-glace

Flexed white chocolate with caramelized 'tempe', 'ketan hitam' ice cream, and cranberry coulis

For non-alcoholic beverages, I must admit the prices are on the steep side. The moktails fetch between IDR 100,000 - 150,000 whereas the cocktails are between IDR 150,000 - 300,000. The cheapest option? Soft Drinks, but one simply do not do fine dining with soda, it just never and should not ever happen.
Left: Green Avalon - freshly squeezed apple, peach, lemon juice, apple juice & mint leaf IDR 150,000
Right: Fruit Rivera IDR 100,000
For post-meal coffee / tea, Chateau Blanc serves fine Malongo Coffee or Dammann Freres Tea for IDR 50,000. The Malongo come in colourful capsules with different types of coffee varieties to choose from (Grande Reserve / Brasil Sul de Minas / Etiopia Moka Sidamo / Colombia Supremo / Decaf).
Cappucino IDR 50,000
Cafe fin Caramelizer IDR 100,000
You can expect nothing short of beautiful and artsy presentation for the dishes served here, and of course your dear one will be awestruck by all the glitz and glam and the chi chi atmosphere of the mansion, she would only say 'yes' to your proposal ;)

- Chef’s Inspiration 7 Course Menu IDR 965,000++/pax OR IDR 1,259,000++/pax with wine pairing. Tasting menu requires participation of the entire table
- High Tea (IDR 350,000++/set)

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge
**) Reservation is advisable

Open Hours :
- Monday – Thursday: 6 pm – 11 pm
- Friday & Saturday: 6 pm – 12 am
- Sunday (close)
Lunchtime is exclusively reserved for private functions.

Chateau Blanc
Jl. Senopati Raya no. 38
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta - 12930
Ph : +6221 7229838 / +62 81381380158
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