Hard to Forget Petitenget

May 31, 2014 frvtravel

With a bunch of new restaurants open and a promising mess of quite a few construction sites around the place at the moment, Petitenget street is rapidly winning the fame of the second Oberoi – it won’t be long till the new ‘Eat Street’ will rise and shine in its full glory. FRV Travel picks 14 places that make this area of southern Bali worth checking right now.

Something for everyone
A few years ago Petitenget was just a dull long street with no glam boutiques, no massive beach clubs in sight. The pioneers of the local restaurant business – like an old-time favourite Biku – were considered brave, not to say adventurous. Now it’s a whole different story: new spots open up with a blink of an eye – posh, themed, circus-like, you name it.
Some have already become modern classics – take The Petitenget, for instance. The peaceful bistro-style terrace is a local favourite for delicious lunches and afternoon treats (their tiramisu is a multilayered creamy goodness), the art-deco inspired salon is a glamorous yet easy dinner option and the bar, dominated by a massive common table, becomes centre stage during the hot weekend nights. Just around the corner there is Vin+, a contemporary wine boutique, the first Bali outlet of the chain with eight brunches in Indonesia. One may feel in paradise walking into this well-chilled treasury in the middle of a screaming hot tropical day. Let a glass of crispy and zesty chardonnay cool you down, snack on a generous portion of wild mushroom risotto and don’t leave empty-handed – and how could you, with the choice of over 18,000 wines from all around the world?

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Modern Fusion

You can travel from one continent to another without leaving the street.

Then there are The Grands – thanks to the length of the street, there is plenty of space for the food institutions. Sarong is number one with it’s twisted – in the best way possible – perception of Asian cuisine. Raw tuna in betel leaves, scallops with green mango salsa, Sumatra crispy duck, wagyu beef cheek curry – sounds like music to your belly, no? For a contemporary take on Peranacan bestsellers – a mix of Malay and Chinese dishes born in Penang – book a table at Baba, the new addition to Hu’u Bar. Jump on their signature laksa with no beating around the bush. Merah Putih is the address for the glorious Indonesian food in a head-spinning setting. The main concept of the local cuisine is sharing, so order in bulk: Balinese yellowfin tuna, soft shell crab with salted egg and other specialties come in small dishes, so embrace the idea of tapas and have fun! Brand new Bambu has the similar concept, and the romantic setting in a cozy courtyard together with a very creative food presentation (think of fish tucked in a chunk of real bamboo, served with a little hammer to knock it out right into your plate!) might make Merah Putih feel nervous.

Around the world
You can travel from one continent to another without leaving the same street. Welcome to Mexico at Taco Local, the hipster taceria created by a team of cool Jakarta youngsters. Don’t forget to check Jicama upstairs – there is a cool bar behind those faded blue antique doors. China Express is small, cheap and cheerful, exactly the way a Chinese takeaway kiosk should be. Who doesn’t feel an urge to slurp a wonton soup under the red lanterns sometimes? Fun Rayjin Teppanyaki and quiet homey Dahana are perfect for that Japanese food fix. And recently opened Salty Seagull is a curious blend of a classic fish’n’chips, funky beer garden with ping pong table, drive-in cinema, gelateria and a bar that looks more like a psychedelic dream. Quite an experience!

Little treasures
Sometimes the best things in life don’t need to be loud. Like a perfect coffee corner – it may be just a hole in the wall. Drop.The Coffee Spot is one of those: almost no-sign, word of mouth cafes with espressos and flat whites that really rock. They also do some mean eggs benedict with home-cured salmon for breakfast and juicy chicken panini for lunch. Or check a lovely Home Mate cafe & shop, where you can not only have a decent latte but buy the cup it’s served in. Small things matter!
There are plenty more options for food or a drink on Jalan Petitenget. Get down there with a taxi and from there let your feet do the walking.


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