August 28, 2017 An Nur Khairisa


When in Bali, eat ice cream! That's what people always suggest everyone to chill their body in the hot and sunny Bali. Thanks God, now we can find many good gelatos or ice cream in Bali. After the booming of the Mad Pops's which I only visit once due to their very small and packed store and didn't have a time to take a picture since my kid insisted me to eat the ice cream by himself (ibunya ga dibagiii sama sekali yaowoooh *nangisbombay), so the next visit to other ice cream' shop was to this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream. 
The name was so cool right. So ear-catchy and easy to remember. Sore-Sore was established under the family of the famous doughnut, Dough Darling. The store was also located next to Dough Darling store in Petitenget. It was a small store but not as small as the Mad Pops's store. They still have a small dining area inside and a few high chairs outside. 

Sore-Sore offers deliciously unique ice cream's flavors, which some, I thought, couldn't find anywhere. You can find unique flavours from Tolak Angin Chocomint, Ting Ting Kacang, Teh Susu Kue Marie, Es Cendol to traditional Nangka (Jackfruit) flavors. The size were available from small (1 scoop), medium (2 scoops) and large (3 scoops). Price ranges from IDR25,000 to 60,000.

Teh Susu Kue Marie - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was so unique in my opinion. A good combination of pulled milk tea (Teh Tarik) flavors with crumbs of Marie biscuit. As a teh tarik lovers (or maybe well-known as Thai Tea in recent market), I was super duper in love with this ice cream! Aside of it's texture which not easily melted, the overall taste remind me of my childhood when I used to dip the sweet Marie biscuit into a hot tea hahaha...My kid was love this ice cream so much as well!


Jackfruit (nangka) - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was my hubby's choice. He loves jackfruit so much and this might be his comfort food. I could taste rich flavours of jackfruit companied by minced of real jackfruit inside the ice cream. Simple but sooo addictive!



Well, my visit to this gelato store was amazing. All people's soo happy including my kid. He's even, again, finished the ice cream by himself without sharing hahaha...If you looking for another good gelato in Bali and unique flavors as well, I recommend you to try this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream.
Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream
Jalan Petitenget No. 22
Bali (next to Dough Darlings)
IG: @soresore_id
the happy kid!


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