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Last Saturday, Eatinerary was invited to the media launch of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, the latest food venture by the Bottega, Wilshire and 3rd Avenue Group. Straying away from Bottega's Italian roots, the restaurant dubs itself as a Japanese bistro specializing in coffee and cocktails. Located in The East tower in Kuningan, its prime location would serve them well as it would probably be buzzed with office workers during both lunch and dinner times. Tucked in the wing area of the tower, patrons can also access the restaurant directly from the parking lot.

Check out the cool installations!
Upon entering the restaurant, I was mesmerized by the interior. It was clean, simple, and yet cozy. Although located in an office tower, using glass instead of solid walls allows plenty of sunshine and natural light to enter the place. This would be a refreshing change of environment for office workers who sit in cramped cubicles for good portions of their days. The addition of greens and plantations also exude a relaxing and calming vibe to guests. I predict that this will be a hit selfie spot among Instagrammers!

I was served plenty of food from the menu during the media launch and was given thorough explanations on their specialty dishes and cocktails. It was fascinating to hear about the concepts behind each cocktail. While I thought the appetizers were pretty ordinary, a few of the main dishes, desserts and cocktails definitely stood out.

Busido (110,000 IDR)

A combination of whisky, basil, egg yolk, seaweed and wasabi! At first glance, this sounds like an odd concoction of savoury and spicy but this turned out to be delicious! The egg yolk prevents the wasabi from overpowering the whole mixture and who knew seaweed could taste so good in a drink. I've always enjoyed a good cocktail and am more of a long drink person. This was absolutely recommended. Do try their other cocktails for more unique combination! As a plus, the way their mixologist concocts the drinks is also mesmerizing and is a show on its own.

Spam Dashitzuke (75,000 IDR)

One word: yum, yum, yum! Wait, that's three. I'm so excited by how they incorporate spam in a few of their dishes because spam is life, guys. How can anyone hate spam. This took spam to whole different level. The saltiness from the spam, the crunchiness of the seaweed and fish roe in addition with the creaminess of the onsen egg just burst into a myriad of textures and flavours in your mouth. Again, what can go wrong with spam? I'm already craving for this dish.

Tuna Poke Bowl (95,000 IDR)

The Poke trend is coming to town! Originally Hawaiian, this simple dish is currently making waves around the world. Jakarta is a little late but all is good if all poke bowls taste like this. This was super fresh and guilt free. You can also add an onsen for extra creaminess. Plus they are extremely generous with the tuna poke. The last thing I want in my poke bowl is a heap of rice with very little protein. 

Striploin & Truffle Don (135,000 IDR)

Always look for the blush when you are eating beef. This dish is similar to those you find in hip Japanese restaurants (i.e. Sushi Sen, Sushi Hiro) but with truffle. The truffle flavour was rather pronounced, but I didn't mind it at all. I just wished that the beef was served in smaller cuts.

Karage Don (79,000 IDR)

Fried chicken is my absolute witness. And this crispy and well seasoned chicken bits are finger licking good I was hoping they'd just serve me a huge bowl of the chicken without the rice. The addition of fried garlic really elevates the depth of the dish. Love it!

Left: Deconstructed Shibuya Toast (79,000 IDR)
Right: Ricotta Hotcakes
Ricotta Hotcakes (95,000 IDR)

I first tasted ricotta hotcakes in a popular Melbourne brunch spot called Top Paddock. The dish was one humongous berry and ricotta hotcake with what I remember as creme fraiche, some violet rocks, and edible flowers. Pardon my hazy memory. And it was the most delicious hotcake that I have ever tasted in my life. Hotcakes are meant to be a little thicker and denser than pancakes but theirs was fluffy and soft. In recent years, several cafes in Singapore have attempted to replicate the dish, but none really came close. Honestly, I appreciate how they didn't try to 'copy' the dish but instead recreate it by using berry compote and vanilla ice cream instead. I loved the texture of the hotcake but thought that the berries were a sour despite the vanilla ice cream. Also, I find it rather perplexing with how they categorized this under 'ROCK'. Is this meant to be a sweet main dish?

Left: Loco Moco (80,000 IDR)
Right: Minced Beef Katsu Sandwich (85,000 IDR)
Left: One of the "dons" they serve
Right: Miso Honey Butter Chicken (85,000) 
The mains are not that pricy and definitely worth trying. As most of them are heavy on carbohydrates, I wish they would serve lighter and fresher desserts. Something like a granita or panna cotta would be great to cleanse the palate.

Do come if you love simple delicious food and unique cocktails! Although they describe themselves as a Japanese bistro, I thought that they were a little Hawaiian inspired as well with all the spam and tropical cocktails. For the location, they are also reasonably priced. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would definitely come back again.

Good luck ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! And thank you for inviting us!

Rock Paper Scissors
Address: The East Lantai Ground, Jl. Mega Kuningan
Phone: (021) 21889061
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am - 12.00am


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