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The Potato Head Family is back at it again! After tremendous success with Kaum BALI and Kaum HONG KONG mentioned in the country's Michelin Guide for 2017, the highly coveted Indonesian restaurant is now ready to serve Jakartan diners. Located in what appears to be a resident housing in Menteng, Kaum which means 'clan' or 'tribe, aims to showcase the diversity of Indonesian heritage and culture not only through its unique cuisines, but also its dining space. They currently open only for dinner but will be launching their lunch hours in a few weeks time. We've heard plenty of people rave about it so we were pretty excited to try the place.

As soon as we stepped into front yard, we were greeted by a lush outdoor seating area. Wooden benches and pots of greeneries filled the space, which also serve as a smoking area for patrons. In the afternoon, this would definitely be the perfect spot for Instagram shots.

The indoor dining space incorporated modern designs with a traditional twist. The choice of sea foam green accents gave off a homey vibe, with the open space making us diners feel that we were invited to a huge dinner party. For private dining, a special area is allocated but the layout of the restaurant would make the perfect venue to hold your celebrations or events.

In the middle of the dining space, right as you enter the door, were interactive art installations by local artist Jompet Kuswidananto. These artworks are interchangeable every few months or so. We found this particularly uplifting as with the gradual rise of contemporary arts in Indonesia, this was certainly a great way to provide exposure and show appreciation towards the field.

Pedas Margarita 

This cocktail sounds interesting on paper but is definitely not for the faint hearted! A mixture of rum, some citrus and chilli syrup, the drink leaves a rush of heat in your throat each time you take a sip. If you are a fan of adventurous drinks, brace yourself for this!

Left: Gulai Udang
Right: Gohu Ikan Tuna
Gulai Udang (85,000 IDR)

This was one of our favourites of the night. Hailing from Aceh, this dish contains all the right combination of flavours! A little heaty, a little sweetness plus the right amount of curry flavour that was not too overpowering. The sauce was thick enough to coat the prawns but had the was not too rich that we could eat it alone. The only downside was that we hope they would feature this dish in their sharing plates menu because it was that good! And if you are a big party, make sure you order a few of this as they only come with three prawns.

Gohu Ikan Tuna (78,000 IDR)

When my server mentioned to me that the dishes were scoured from various ethnic tribes in Indonesia and they were authentic, we did not expect them to be THIS authentic. With all the modern Indonesian restaurants popping in Jakarta, we were anticipating the dishes in Kaum to be tailored to suit the taste buds of millenials but let me assure you, this dish is as authentic as it gets. We found the coconut oil a little too strong for my liking so we had to tamper down the taste by pairing the fresh tuna with the homemade sambal. Apparently, that is how this dish is prepared in Maluku.

Sambal Selections (75,000 IDR)

As a sambal lover, we just had to try the sambal selection. We have to say it did not let us down. Our favourite has to be the 'rica rica' and 'kluwek'. The heat of the 'rica rica'was bearable to us but the server did say many commented about it being too spicy.

Mie Gomak (85,000 IDR)

This thick, chewy noodles lathered in a feisty, flavoursome curry sauce was downright delicious. We could taste the curry leaves and for those who are less familiar with how it tasted like would probably think that this dish is Indian or Malaysian inspired, but apparently it is a North Sumatran dish. We never knew that Indonesia had their own version of curry noodles like this one. They were also generous with the portion and could probably be eaten by a party of two. 

Sate Buntel Acar Rujak (120,000 IDR)

For four skewers of satay, we would have to say that the price is a little steep but each bite of this bundle of meat was moist and juicy. It was char grilled to perfection and the sweet soy sauce paired well with the meat and helps to eliminate the meaty goat smell. Ate alone, the taste of the goat can be quite strong. Most of the 'sate buntel' that we ate had a sausage-like texture but this was all meat. We personally enjoyed the dish and would come back just for it.

Kue Lumpur Bubur Ketan Hitam (45,000 IDR)

The description of the dish says 'mud cake' but it's definitely not your regular mud cake. The cake was soft and creamy, almost pudding like with a hint of coconut cream. It wasn't punchy, but the subtle flavours were just right to balance out all the richness from the dish that we had before.

Props to Potato Head Family for always coming up with remarkable concepts and their top notch delivery. We thought that although the price is a little bit on the higher end, it's definitely worth visiting for the unique dishes and ambience. Kaum is definitely the one place that you want to be seen at and we can surely foresee that it will be the talk of the town for some time. We will surely be back soon!

Address: Jln. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No. 77-79, Menteng
Phone: (62) 813 81715256
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 6.00pm - 12.00am
Friday 6.00pm - 2.00am
Saturday 11.00am - 2.00am
Sunday 6.00pm - 10.00pm


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