TOP 5 Most Tasty 'Bubur' In Jakarta

December 1, 2014 Oktavia Arief

Buuuuuuurrrrrrr aaayammmm!!

We probably have heard this ever since we were little. This Indonesian congee normally served with shredded chicken, omelet and other condiments are one of the entrees to eat in Indonesia. This time, Grivy intends to review some tasty porridge in town, which certainly deserved to be recommended. Bubur Ayam used to be one of the street foods in town with Rp. 5000 per portion. Now many restaurants specialized in porridge are selling it from Chinese to Indonesian styled porridge.

1.Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar

The name itself speaks where it is located. West Jakarta to be exact, in Mangga Besar street No. 46 A. There are 2 shift operations, it opens at 10.30-14.30 and 17.00-00.30. There are many outstanding factors that Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar has many customers in a day. For instance, they offer a clean spacious venue with AC hence it is suitable for a family to dine in. The other factor is that they serve a plain savory porridge with the condiments served separated. One of the condiments people favorite to take is good quality chicken or we normally call “Ayam Kampung”. The chicken has its own tangy fragrant and tender texture seasoned with sesame oil and fried garlic that will tantalize your mouth. Sounds delicious, right?


2.Bubur Sanki

Still in West Jakarta, Mangga Besar street No. 40 C, Bubur Sangki is located rIght next to Bubur Mangga Besar. They might be competitors yet they both have their own unique selling point. Bubur Sangki serves other delicious Chinese food whereas Bubur Mangga Besar is more specialized to just ‘bubur’. Another factor that is incomparable with other bubur outlet is the presence of lokio or pickled onion, salted vegetable and sliced ginger. You will be experiencing mixed of flavors in your mouth.


3.Bubur Tangki Aguan

Again located in Mangga Besar street No. 20 B in West Jakarta, this bubur outlet is different than the other two. According to reviews, this place is always crowded and notoriously difficult to find a parking space. They serve a fairly thick porridge with sliced chicken stew, fried onions, cakwe and celery. Sekba is also known very delicious to eat porridge with. Sekba is a kind of stew pork offal. The combination of sweet sekba and savoury porridge made an amazing taste combination. This very fragrant porridge served with a spicy peanut sauce, the broth is also very tangy and oh! the portion is also quite large. The idea of having foodgasm is actually having them all in a spoonful yes?


4.Bubur Kwang Tung

Let’s move from Mangga Besar! Another delicious famous bubur is Bubur Kwang Tung that is located in Jl. Pecenongan Raya. Hearing from its name Kwang Tung is Chinese name hence the porridge they serve is a Chinese porridge. DUH!

The space capacity is not that big, approximately 50 people fit in this restaurant. The menu is ranging from Cantonese porridge, Hong Kong steam rice and stir-fry Cantonese side-dish. A portion of seafood porridge costs Rp. 55.000, which is quite expensive judging from the pricing compare to other Bubur outlet. Yet people say, when there is a price, there is a quality. Bubur Kwang Tung is served with variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid and fish whereas the other bubur is served with mainly chicken. The fragrant here is truly inviting! You will sure be welcomed by the scent of soft savory porridge. The other interesting fact is that this restaurant is open 24 hours hence people can have meal here anytime they want.   


5.Aneka Bubur 786

Located in Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No 123, this restaurant is also open 24 hours! Unlike the other bubur restaurants, Aneka Bubur 786 is fused with Pakistani influences and serves bubur zafran or saffron as a mainstay menu. It is a spicy porridge from a petals Zafran imported directly from Pakistan. Zafran is also believed to have efficacy to maintain stamina. Interesting. The owner, Waseem Ahmed claimed that bubur zafran is not served in any other restaurants. This porridge is served separately with the condiments. Red curry is served in a smaller bowl that contains onion, garlic, shallot, tomatoes, cardamom and cumin. This considered to be quite smart in order to add the play for flavor. Bubur Zafran has a large savory and sweet portion. The sweetness comes from raisins and dried grapes. Zafran is arguably a solid food because besides rice, this porridge contains a mixture of green beans, red beans, corn, raisins, peas and soybeans.

Aneka Bubur is able to accommodate approximately 100 people for its spacious venue. The restaurant provides 8 small tables complete with distinctive Pakistani patterned-pilows AND customers can also seat on the floor, “lesehan” Indonesian style. You choose.


photo credit: nusantara-recipe.blogspot


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