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December 14, 2014 Oktavia Arief


Have you heard about Molecular Gastronomy? Probably yes. But some of you who don’t know. It is a process of transforming food into something different. Basically, the food that is being presented is different with its taste. This is about cooking beyond imagination. Doing this is like painting. The plate is your canvas and the primary colors is the main ingredients. Molecular Gastronomy is about experimenting and playing with food flavors and presentation.

There are many restaurants serve Molecular Gastronomy food nowadays, but the first ever place that apply this discipline and serves Molecular Gastronomy food in Indonesia is Namaaz Restaurant that is located in Gunawarman Kebayoran Baru. You will be amazed if you see their menus. The food they serve looks different than its actual taste. Look at this!

What do you see? I bet you see a regular chicken thigh? Nope. This is actually a fish meat stuffed in the skin chicken thigh smeared with fish soup. Try to guess the next one.

Aww..what a romantic moment to have a candle light dinner. Oh wait. We have been fooled! It is actually a grilled banana. This is just a perfect disguise.

Namaaz restaurant offers a traditional Indonesian food with this unique technique. Other resemblance is ‘Tumis Oncom’ that is made to look like grains of soil in a pot with basil leaf on top. The most unique beverage Namaaz offer is Hot Ice Lemon Tea. Hot? And Ice? Yes, Chef Adrian Ishak created this technique into a cup of glass, half hot and half cold.

Other restaurants that also serve Molecular Gastronomy food are Colonial Cuisine & Molecular, HYDE’s chocolate soil and RON’s Laboratory Ice cream.

So are you all curious with the food that is made by molecular gastronomy technique? Go ahead now and bring some of your friends to experience the unforgettable FUN dining!


Photo credit: the Fat Corner

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