Yamatoten Abura Soba 's New Menu Amateur Review

August 17, 2017 Alvian Tan


Good news for y'all! 
On this date 17.08.2017, Yamatoten Abura Soba ( @yamatoten ) will finally launch their new menu for all of you Soba lovers!! And thankfully, I've got a chance to taste it before it launch! So here's my amateur review about their new menu !

[All Menu]


So first of all they will release 4 new menu for today, they have Tan Tan Abura Soba, Chicken Shigure Soba / Don, Chicken Gyoza and Vegetable Gyoza !


So for the appetizer they will launch their new menu! Yashh, finally Yamatoten Abura Soba will have their own gyoza menu and it comes with 2 variants : Chicken and Vegetable Gyoza!

Vegetable Gyoza

[Vegetable Gyoza]

Just from it looks, you could tell immediately that this is Vegetable Gyoza. The Gyoza's appearance itself looks stunningly green, it looks perfectly steamed and ready to eat. It tasted a bit sour to me but it still tasted delicious. For me whose not a big fan of greens, it's really edible and it's tasted good!

Chicken Gyoza

[Chicken Gyoza]

And now let's talk about their chicken gyoza. It looks pretty much the same with the vegetable but with gold-ish color. The chicken filling was so nice and it's tasted better while it's still warm. What I like about their gyoza is their skin layer, it's crisp on the edge and I really how it feels when I bite it, LOL yummy!

[Chicken Shigure]


And now let's talk about their Soba / Don menu. It's not so new actually and this menu is already on the menu before, but they take it to another level! Shigure is now come with chicken meat, not like before when they only served with pork ( and finally all of my moslem friends can eat and try shigure too ). Shigure come with 2 base, you could choose between soba or don ( rice ). And on the top of that, there is this marinated minced chicken meat. The portion was no joke! So don't worry about the money value. It tasted new with chicken but I prefer the pork one ( I love pork that much LOL ). You don't need to add vinegar or chili sauce for this menu.

Tan Tan Abura Soba

[Tan Tan Abura Soba]




Finally, it comes to the last new menu, this is Tan Tan Abura Soba. What's the main point of this soba is they served a minced meat which coated with the umami Tan Tan paste. It was really unique taste for me. I honestly don't really know what is this paste but from my amateur palate, it taste sweet, savory and a bit sour too. The paste was good, but I'm a bit disappointed with the portion of the paste, because when you mixed it together with the soba, it tasted so flat. So I hope, they add more paste so it becomes richer in flavors. It's still a really new and unique taste, so you guys should experience it by yourself.


Overall, it was all beyond my expectation. All four of the new menu really good and it pampered my hungry tummy. And thanks to Yamatoten Abura Soba that I had a really nice lunch! The new menu is launching today so you all could finally try it also, so have fun experiencing new menu and enjoy your meal!


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