Lunch Experience at FJ Grill - Kemang Village

March 12, 2018 Alvian Tan

[FJ Grill]

Last week before I went to Bali and Surabaya, I've got invited to one restaurant in Kemang Village Mall. Since I'm staying at the north area and it's rare for me to have a chance to visit south area, so I decided to try this place. The restaurant called FJ Grill and then I stalked their instagran @fj.grill a bit and I think their food looks nice so yeah I can't wait to eat at their place.

FJ Grill Kemang
Kemang Village, 
Jalan Pangeran Antasari No. 36, 
RT.12/RW.5, Kota Jakarta Selatan, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12150


Since there's many people invited there, we've got a chance to try so many variant of main course, deserts and even cocktails! Foods are served and there're Pan Seared Baramundi, Bircher Muesli, FJ Brioche Toast, Veal Burger, Gyu Tan Don Bowl, Four Cheese Pizza, Colenak, Pisang Goreng, Churros, and also Pandan Cake.

Main Course

[Veal Burger]

Okay, so first of all. Let's talk about this Brunch menu that FJ Grill served. This is called Veal Burger. Well as well as you know that I'm not a big fan of burger so I don't really eat this burger and just take a bite. They served the burger with the fries which I really like because their french fries was so good and the meat of the burger was cooked nicely. For portion wisely, it was fair enough since I don't really like that big burger kind of thing. But if you like to eat burger, you could try this menu!

[Four Cheese Pizza]


Next, we had this four cheese pizza which smells super cheesy ( Lol obviously since it's four different type of cheese ). They used Mozarella, Parmesan, Feta and Gorgonzola cheese for the topping! And this pizza is the thin crust pizza type not like those thick pizza that we usually eat. Well I always prefer the thin one and this pizza probably one of my recommendation for you if you like cheese ( since some people don't like to eat cheese that much ).

[Pan Seared Baramundi]




Pan Seared Baramundi was the show stealer! Because you just need to look at it, the visual was super stunning and the plating was beautiful. Fish was cooked nicely, since you know fish meat will ruined if it gets overcooked and taste bad. I rarely eat baramundi fish, so I have no experience to distinguish which one is delicious or not but I love everything else about it, vegetable were fresh and their sauce was spot on. It really elevates this menu!

[FJ Brioche Toast]



It is another brunch menu that FJ Grill has and this one called FJ Brioche Toast. Well, if we are talking about brioche, it means we are talking about the bread right? So the bread supposed to be the highlight and it does. The bread itself is rich and tender. On the top of it all, I loved their poached egg. One of the menu I recommended you to try here.

[Bircher Muesli]


Okay, gotta admit that this Bircher Muesli is one of the prettiest food I saw. Basically I won't eat something healthy like this but their bircher muesli was an exception. I really enjoyed this food, besides they gave so many fruit slices as the topping, so generous!

[Gyu Tan Don]


Yashhh! Finally it's Gyu Tan Don. This was the highlight of my lunch! Since I'm preferred asian than western food. So Gyu Tan Don was something I was expecting that time. So no matter western or asian that you preferred, FJ Grill has it. Let's talk about this Gyu Tan, there's some point that I really love about this food. The miso soup was super full of seaweed and tofu, I just love when a restaurant give an attention to their side dish, then the beef itself was super thin and it really well marinated. This would probably my number one menu ( so far ) from today's lunch!


[Pandan Cake]

What a good end for a lunch is some dessert. So our first one is this Pandan Cake. The cake was a bit dense and chewy but still spongy, you can really tasted the pandan flavor in this cake. It was nice but if you had a full stomach after main course, I won't recommend you to order this. Because the portion was quite big.

[Pisang Goreng]

Yeshh Indonesian's local snack is here. Pisang goreng ( fried banana ) served with caramel sauce. One  of the dessert you should try because who will thought that a pisang goreng would go well with this hot caramel sauce. It's divine!


Who doesn't know churros ? This Mexican snack have become one of my fave snack since a long time ago. The thing I really love is the size of each churros, it is shorter than the usual churros we always see, which I think was a good thing so it would be very convenient to eat it. Dipping was on point.


Last but not least was their Colenak! It was grilled fermented cassava or what we always called "tape /  tapai" served with ice cream on top. Fermented cassava was one of the ingredient that I rarely see in menu nowadays. Because not everyone can eat this. To be honest, this dessert is one of the menu I love, since I'm so into tapai.


[Blue Mist Grass]

[Lychee Martini]

[Peach Begonia]

Their cocktails was super pretty , it's like I can't drink because it'll ruin this visual pleasure! Oh myy, I really love restaurant that give extra efforts to their food and beverage's appeal because just like judging human, we also could judge a food as instant at first impression. I believe that good visual will also elevate the taste itself. So hands up for their cocktails. you can also request for the cocktails to be stronger also! The one I really like was their Peach Begonia and guess what ? They are having a PROMO BUY 1 GET 1 for the selection cocktails! Only IDR 90.000,- and you can get these 2 glass of cocktails!

So after all of food tasting in FJ Grill, I think it was really worth. The food was visually stunning, tasted good and some even more, dessert was fine, the portion is generous, and amazing promo offer! So if you come to Kemang Village Mall, you should totally check out their place. Beside the interior was kinda bohemian and it's super cozy! Come and visit them!


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